Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Be A Finisher This Year

We all get bombarded with messages on the first of January all the way to March about new years resolutions. Some of it gets to be overwhelming, with manufacturers pushing their products this way. Rather than claim something as a new years resolution, I just say, these are my plans this year per Divine Order.

I want to be a finisher this year. I am off to a great start with completing a book which will be published in March perhaps April. It is called Bonafide Grace: What I've Discovered On My Journey, which is a compilation of posts I blogged from 2006-2008. I want to share some things I really did discover about grace through stories and essays about people I've met, experiences as a caregiver, among others.

Get ready to fly with me this year. As a great woman once said.. I will use her line: "Watch my smoke."