Saturday, November 28, 2009

Steve Harvey's Book

I recently finished reading Steve Harvey's new book, Act Like A Lady; Think Like A Man. It is definitely a pageturner in my opinion. I was in my favorite bookstore in the world, Border's Books at Lenox Square on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, when Harvey's face on the bookcover caught my eye as I headed toward the cafe for my Latte fix. I slowed down, picked up a copy and took it upstairs with me.

This book is geared toward women, but not exclusively. Harvey's message is plain and simple: women should learn to respect themselves by not settling for any type of a man because he is wearing a pair of pants. He shares how to get what you deserve and desire in a relationship.

Harvey is brutally honest when he says that sex is the foremost thing on a man's mind when he introduces himself to a woman he is attracted to. And he tells women if a man tells her differently, he is lying and is from another planet. He further explains that it is up to the woman as to how quickly she allows a sexual relationship.

One of the examples Harvey uses is this: A woman who is shapely and is working out in a gym, and wearing a knockout outfit is approached by a man that says he likes the way she is built. He says there are two types of women, and one will respond by saying, " I want to look hot.", and twirls around so he can see her figure. Woman number two will say, " Thank you, I believe in taking care of myself." The man will think that woman number one is probably an easy conquest, and won't have to work hard to get her into bed. If he likes woman number two, he will work to find out more about her, what she likes, and will ask her for a date. He calls this woman a "keeper". Woman number one will get laid, and he will think of ways to avoid her after that.

Harvey also tells women how she knows whether she is loved by a man or not. Taking care of her when she is ill is one way, and instead of her taking the trash out in the dark, he will do it because he is thinking of her safety.

There are many nuggets in this book. It is a very good read; educational, inspiring, and at times humorous. It is a good man who would write this book and pass it on to women.

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