Monday, November 30, 2009

Taking Care of Aging Parents

Taking care of aging parents is more common today than ever. There are a variety of challenges and sufferings the elderly parents experience. Alzheimer disease and Dementia are very prevalent. Parents are recovering from strokes and heart attacks and are still living at home. Many families want to keep their parents at home and take care of them on their own. This is a noble thing, and it is very good if one can do it. It is not always possible for many families to do so without it altering their lives so.

Just as the elderly parent experiences trauma, so does the caregiver(s). In many ways caregivers have divine appointments, because being there to take care of a parent, friend, or elderly relative is difficult at times. One of the most challenging things is the lack of support that one receives from other family members. This is very common. And there is frustration with the fact that not everyone agrees with the solution to problems concerning their loved one.

Each individual family has it's own set of issues and decisions. It takes selflessness and maturity to overcome challenges dealing with the situation. In the end, everyone really wants the same thing... the best possible care and happiness for our loved ones.

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  1. Admiring anyone that does it..because it is a rough job